Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creativity, Travel and Art at Studio Jema

Our hair has been in the air for 16 months, and it has been a fantastic, super duper roller coaster ride on this bloggidy blogeroo.  The time has come for my travel blog to shift over to another site where I have more options and a website presence.  I am excited to welcome you to Studio Jema a place where I continue to share about our travels through stories, creativity, and art.

Thank you for all of the support you have shown me here as this was where I reconnected with myself and my writing through the sharing of our family's adventures and misadventures.  I can't wait to share the next journey with you!

Come and join us on our next journey at Studio Jema!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I helped lace up the worn, musty roller skates on the kids' feet as the clicking on the old wooden floor intensified.  The clammy air, mixed with body odor, filled the small wooden bleacher area as sub sandwiches and chips were handed out on heavy paper plates with a paper cup of water.

You always knew the ones who came after school, they were already on the rink switching back and forth to skating backwards, weaving in and out of the larger group.  Our crew found respite on the bars screwed into the creamy cement block walls or in a parent's escort.  The concept of going from shoes to wheels was transitioned by moments of hands wringing onto the bar as one tried to stop or go.

I was the only one or our group who sat to appreciate the view at this moment, too many times trying to force my body to becoming fully coordinated with skates had led me into memorable situations.  Falling in the stream of skaters, my body frozen by fear as someone skated over my fair fingers.  The constant vision of tripping on someone, getting plowed down by one of those "show off" skaters doing tricks.  I could keep myself at a decent pace, my big toe throbbing from the pressure of the turns.  How DO you stop?  The turn method, just go until you slow, run into the wall, or dare to use the giant rubber stopper on the end?  The pressure of all of this was too much.  Hey, I was only there in sixth grade to do the couple skate with a cute boy and look good.

As a student teacher I tried to be "cool" as the other teachers sat sipping pop while the kids skated.  I figured I may have matured in my coordination over the years, and had permission to go slow because of my age.  I decided to have fun with my students and as I had gone around a few times on the glassy white surface, the red lights in motion began to make me a little car sick.  It was time for me to exit the rink, at one of the four exits.  I thought I would just lightly touch down the red stopper and "bam" it jammed in, the rubber gripping the smooth surface.  My back arched back, legs following in slow motion.  My body was flung up and back, the old fear came charging back into my veins.  I landed, in sort of a vee shape, with my tailbone being the contact point, and there I lay flat like a starfish.

The pain surged forth from my tailbone out to my five points (legs, arms, head), my face tangled in pain.  Crap, I needed to look good in front of the kids, especially the ones circling around me as I lay paralyzed. "Yup, I am okay" I said gruffly in almost a whisper.  I imagined it was close to a guy's experience of getting hit in the crown jewels.  I had tried to get up, and I couldn't yet. I finally limped to the table where the teachers sat, they delivered me a bag of ice which I gently placed right under my astronaut.   I finally had to call my mother-in-law to bring me home.

Today, I sit out at the roller rink, a testament to me finally embracing the reality of who I am and what I can and can't do.  Today, I can sit proudly, with good posture,  because I sit without a lump of ice under my bum.